Chat for Business

Bring your business online with Bridge, a new breed of commercial chat & email software that helps you:

  1. collect orders online,
  2. schedule delivery, and
  3. get paid on time.

Why Bridge?

Customers are clamouring to give you money over WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram and Messenger, but these chat platforms are not designed for business. Bridge is.

Shopping carts are too limited; email is too slow. Bridge spans the divide between online and offline with a shopping experience tailored for conversational commerce.

How does Bridge work?

Bridge integrates with chat & email so you can:

  • build up orders in real-time,
  • negotiate with customers,
  • issue beautiful invoices,
  • manage price lists,
  • arrange logistics ("drop a pin"),
  • and collect payments.

Pricing: FREE (for a limited time)

To assist strained businesses, Bridge is free during the COVID19 lockdown.

Get Started Today

Stop emailing price lists and manually generating PDF invoices. Span the divide between offline and online with Bridge and let us help you grow your business.

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